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Great work

Hi Ian
Great work!
Chris Wright

Wedding at Oakfield House

We had the pleasure of having Ian as our wedding photographer. He did an amazing job and we are so happy with our photos, we absolutely love them. Ian is such a lovely man, a fantastic photographer and he is great with people. He made everyone feel at ease on the day and had everybody laughing which made for brilliant pictures. Thank you once again Ian, you were brilliant.
Marie Louise Higgins

Bolton Comic Con

Thanks you so much for my pictures. They are amazing.

great pics

Some very nice pictures Ian,keep them coming!
Ronald Vermeulen


Thank you so much for being such an patient photographer and getting some amazing photos of the riddler cosplay
Damian Hockey


Beautifull pictures I saw here, like it!
Ronald Vermeulen

Hoylake GC - Captains Day 2016

Many thanks Ian for the photo of me receiving my winners prize for this years Captains Day at Hoylake GC.
It will provide memories in the future of when used to be able to play the game.
Ian has provided an excellent service for the Hoylake members over many years, always reliable regardless of the weather and provides excellent quality images for the club.
Thanks again, appreciate it.
Rob Evans

General Comment

I had the pleasure of meeting Ian at a Comic Convention where some friends and myself were approached by him regarding having our picture taken. In a nutshell, we all found Ian to be extremely polite, patient and conscientious. Having taken the shots he wanted we went on our way. A few weeks later I received an email containing approximately five of the best pictures of my friends and myself that we have ever had the pleasure of receiving. I can only thank Ian for the shots and hope that we will have the pleasure of meeting him again soon and would have not issues at all in recommending him to others. Thanks again Ian.
Chris Oakes- Courchene

Manchester ComicCon 2016

I just want to say thankyou so much for them photos of my outfit. I really love them. :)
Margherita Murgia

Daleks at The Library

Amazing pictures. Loved them. Fantastic quality and really captured the moment. Superb and beautifully edited. Thank you so much
Debster Clarke

MCM Comic Con Liverpool

Thank you so much Ian for this amazing photo. You have done a great job with the editing, it makes the make up look much better than it was! Jaden is so happy and can't wait to show everybody.
Val (Mum of Jaden)

MCM Liverpool Comic Con

Thanks for the pics and edits from MCM Liverpool. The pics are great


hi ian, thank you so much for my edited picture of my cosplay of lara croft as Liverpool mcm comic con, its awesome, your editing skills are cool, thank you so much am so happy with it :)

Brilliant site

Great website, Excellent images Ian, My Liverpool skyline picture is still pride an place on my living room wall :) constantly get comments over it. Fantastic quality unique photographs. Keep up the good work mate
Ste o'connor

Wow. What a photographer!

Amazing pics, great quality, lovely man.

Love the site

The photos look great, cant wait to see your Wedding pics.

Marion and Les
marion Bell


Ian, fantastic pics on these site, very like it.
Keep them coming,
Best regards,
Ronald Vermeulen

View from a Hill

First class service. Photograph taken as individual request and printed beautifully.
Excellent communication throughout. Would not fail to recommend. Perfect birthday present. Many thanks. Will certainly deal with you again.
P Mitchell

Ian Chantler Photography

Great work, Ian. Your subjects, composition and creative angles keep one's eye in the frame searching for more.

Bill Brennan
Bill Brennan

It is you !

I thought there could be only one Ian Chantler from West Kirby, it was the golf that swung it. Nice Work !
Graham James


Fantastic pics it!
Ronald Vermeulen

West Kirby Art Fair

A group of us came to West Kirby open air art fair today and spent some time browsing through your wonderful pictures. The information, history and details you gave about each of them was fascinating. It was a real pleasure meeting you.
P.S. You can use this if you would like to.
Ruth J

Great Site!

Thank you for sharing the link to your site. You live in a beautiful place and you have captured it very well. I love the descriptions that accompany each image, something I have just started doing myself. I look forward to seeing more!
David Piet

to add to Guestbook

Please add the following comment to 'guestbook page'... I am proud to show your magnificent photographs in Seagrass Studio and I absolutely love your work. You have such a great eye for composition,form and colour. You are an absolute professional in my eyes. There are some truly stunning pictures on your website. I only wish I had more room in my little gallery to display even more of your work. Well done and best wishes, Jo Smith.
Jo Smith

photo of billy fury statue

Found your site when looking for info on billy fury but wow your photos are stunning glad I dropped in!
liz linton



A fascinating site & some splendid images

Rob Devenish
Rob Devenish


Hello Ian,
What a really great pics on you're great site. Keep them coming. Linked you're site in my favorites. Thank you for sending the link.
Ronald Vermeulen

Hoylake Photographic society

Hi Ian

We met at coronation gardens a couple of weeks back and I bought 2 prints off you. I have framed them and they look fantastic. Thank you!
Chris Dewhurst


Hi Ian,
First off- your photos are awesome, love the ones of The Wirral and Liverpool,
I am doing GCSE Photography and we have been assigned a topic of structures and I have decided to explore the structure of the sky and especially sunsets. I was wondering if you had any tips for taking pictures of sunsets?
By the way, what camera did you use to capture "Hibre Island at sunset" in your Wirral and Liverpool gallery,
Really inspiring photos,
Catherine x
Catherine Hall

Brilliant work

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the great golf game yesterday, we had a great team and it was truly a wonderful day - can't wait for next year.

I think all your photography work is brilliant. The ones which I particularly like are the wind farm, sunset on the mersey mirrored on Liverpool museum and Autumn in Birkenhead park.

Good luck with everything and I'll probably see you on the golf course.

all the best

Tracy Fitzpatrick

post sunset light

Hi Ian,
It was great to meet you today - thanks for the photography tips ... We love your site and your work. Looking forward to seeing more.
What amazing colours on the Marine Lake this evening! And as you said ... it all changed after the sun had set! It was an inspiring evening.
Thanks again, David & Kamal (my father-in-law)
David Meeten


Dear Ian, (for your website)

Well done and well overdue. Some really superb images, on a well thought out website. These will give a lot of people great pleasure. Looking forward to more wonderful images, when you have time.

Thank You and Best Wishes, Alan and Wendy Bragg.
Alan Bragg


Ian, Enjoyed the images and the sentiment - great website - Where is the Aeronautical Gallery?
Barry Q


Congratulations on your portfolio Ian... and perhaps an aviation section to come?

Paul :)
Paul W Furmanski


Hello Ian
What a truly stunning set of images, three images that really stand out for me are; Tall ship sunset 1, Snowy Owl and the Wind Farm at New Brighton.

I know from the images you have sent me, there are a lot more to come, so Ian please keep them coming!

Why you are not a Professional photographer by now, god alone knows.

Keep up the stunning work Ian.


Kevin Rowett
Kevin Rowett


What an excellent selection of photographs and I know there is a lot more to come. The birds on Hilbre Island must be a photographer's delight. Good luck for the future.
Paul G. Davies


Just had a look at the site and i think its wonderful! I love the images you have up their of your own work as well as jeannettes! :)


Thank you Ian for your lovely comments and for taking the time out to not only photograph my work but to put them onto your site! I really love the way you've laid out the images, they compliment and set each other off all galleries! Jayc